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Nathan, I'm a little bit late with my response, so I'll just direct it
to you.My two cents' worth: 

	When I and my traveling companions were returning from Conclave 2008
in San Diego and we got to Missouri, we discovered that the highest
octane available there was 91. After filling up with that, both BJ8s
missed and knocked and chugged until we got into Tennessee and
refilled with 93 octane. 

	Recently, a BJ8 owner called me to say he was in the area (300 miles
from home) and his engine had begun to "click" under acceleration. He
thought it was a timing problem and wanted me to check that. He
mentioned that he had fueled up with non-ethanol. Around here, some
stations advertise "non-ethanol" but they neglect to say the octane
was dropped from 93 (with ethanol) to 91 (without). I suggested that
he forget about non-ethanol and go with 93. After that, during his
return home, he had no more "clicking" problems. 

	Ethanol-laced gas has its own issues (as you might remember from my
Black Hills narrative, I had some aggravating stumbling and missing as
I left home, due to the bad ethanol that had been in the tank too
long), especially if the car isn't used much; but as long as I stick
with 93 octane, at least the engine runs as it should.


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Thanks for the link to the MV article on ethanol and vapor lock. It
was a good read. 
 Although I'm certain this has been debated (many times) before,
what's the general consensus on octane rating when refueling our cars?

 I've always used the highest.i can get. But reading that article has
once again made me question my practice. 
 Interested in the list's thoughts... 
 Cheers! Nathan '66 BJ8 

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