[Healeys] Vapor lock gas

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"... $2.41 per litre for premium 98 octane petrol ..."

Before us Yankees get all excited, I believe this is per the 'research' 
method. In the 'States we use the average of the research and motor 
methods, and there's generally a 7-8 octane point spread between the 
two, so this would be equivalent to 93-94-octane here.

"... NO ethanol content ..."

Now, THIS gets me excited! I presume NZ doesn't have corn 
mega-agribusiness shoving their product into our cars.


On 5/8/2021 4:48 PM, Mark Donaldson wrote:
> Gentlemen, to put things into perspective,
> Way down here in New Zealand we are presently paying NZ$2.41 per litre 
> for premium 98 octane petrol guaranteed with NO ethanol content from 
> selected *Mobil*, and some *BP* and *Caltex* stations around the country.
> At the current USD v NZD exchange rate of 73 cents, that is US$1.76 
> per litre – or $6.66 per *US gallon*.  That is exactly NZ$8.00 per 
> *Imperial gallon*.
> I got 27.5 mpg from our tri-carb on a 2,278 mile trip to our National 
> Rally in the South island in March. I’m very pleased with that.
> The further south we got, the worse the gas got.  It seems to be more 
> prevalent in the South Island.
> The car LOVES being back home in Auckland.
> In the Auckland region we pay an extra 10 cents plus tax to fund 
> roading and transport projects.   At least, that’s where our 
> government tell us it’s going.
> Frankly, I think a lot of that money is funding the literally hundreds 
> of thousands of orange road cones clogging up our roads!
> Mark
> Ardmore, NZ
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> I feel your pain... But don’t worry, our politicians are busy working 
> on ways to close that gap. Unleaded regular is up 60 to 70 cents in 
> the last three months. Funny how that works.
> Bill Lawrence

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