[Healeys] your trip to Conclave - Down 395?

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I said as much in my other post. I appreciate the concern, but this is well
thought out. I have some health challenges and I do not know If I can do a
trip like this again, my Doc today said yes I will, but that said this is a
great time to be driving 395 and 1 or 101 coming home. I want to avoid
large trucks and yutzes. and heat. I will be in the North Bay area for
three or four nights and then home up the coast. It can take two or three
days if need be. I teach one class online, All I need is interent to log in
and grade their work.
Any route is an adventure in these cars,fortunately I can fix or at least
diagnose almost any problem and my AAA will tow me up to 200 miles. see you
all there
Ira Erbs
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> I think 395 is quite scenic and beautiful for the most part. I find it
> less dangerous than I 5. Few big trucks and idiot racers to deal with. This
> time of the year it should be in the 70s to low 80's. Living in Tahoe and
> having family in LA area I have driven it very often. 99 and I 5 scare me
> and they are just as hot. But to each his (or her) own. Coming home I will
> stop in Huntington Beach and Moro Bay to see family and I can travel in the
> cool of the mornings. I hope you all have a safe and un-eventful travel
> however you go.
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> Ira, Based on the experience of a group of us who drove to the Ventura
> West Coast Meet in our Healeys many years ago, I would strongly suggest you
> rethink the idea of driving down 395. Yes, it's shorter in time, but it is
> absolutely the most desolate, boring and hot (let me emphasize that) HOT
> drive you can possible imagine. There's a reason that the U.S. government
> put the internment camps out in that area during World War II -- there's
> nothing within 100 miles of the camps. When we were driving, one of the
> drivers called out on his CB -- "Stop the next time you see any shade along
> the road" -- we drove for another hour before we saw a tree.
> Take a little more time and do the traditional route down Interstate 5,
> then cut over to 101 and follow that down to north of Los Angeles where you
> can cut over to BBL.
> Anyone else agree with me?
> Gary Anderson
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