[Healeys] your trip to Conclave - Down 395?

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I think 395 is quite scenic and beautiful for the most part. I find it less dangerous than I 5. Few big trucks and idiot racers to deal with. This time of the year it should be in the 70s to low 80's. Living in Tahoe and having family in LA area I have driven it very often. 99 and I 5 scare me and they are just as hot. But to each his (or her) own. Coming home I will stop in Huntington Beach and Moro Bay to see family and I can travel in the cool of the mornings. I hope you all have a safe and un-eventful travel however you go.

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Ira, Based on the experience of a group of us who drove to the Ventura West Coast Meet in our Healeys many years ago, I would strongly suggest you rethink the idea of driving down 395. Yes, it's shorter in time, but it is absolutely the most desolate, boring and hot (let me emphasize that) HOT drive you can possible imagine. There's a reason that the U.S. government put the internment camps out in that area during World War II -- there's nothing within 100 miles of the camps. When we were driving, one of the drivers called out on his CB -- "Stop the next time you see any shade along the road" -- we drove for another hour before we saw a tree.

Take a little more time and do the traditional route down Interstate 5, then cut over to 101 and follow that down to north of Los Angeles where you can cut over to BBL.

Anyone else agree with me?

Gary Anderson
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