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I have converted my 1954 BN1 to a single Odyssey pc925 battery. This is an very small battery less than 5" high. It is square in profile and fits nicely into one of the battery wells. The tops of the solid brass terminals are threaded for bolts/washers (metric) that come with the battery. To attach the Lucas lead helmet caps, I bored a larger hole in the and secured the cable with the bolt/washer combination. While this battery is small in size it cranks the BN1 faster than any other battery or combination of 6 volts I've ever used. My tester shows at fully charged over 600 CCA.
Recently, I began switching all my old cars to Odyssey batteries after getting one in an Elva Courier racer I purchased. It was mounted on its side with cable attached as mentioned above. These batteries have long storage times and have cranked the 100 after 6 months storage with no charging. The only caveat is you need an AGM charger. 
Ben Cohen,
BN1, BN7 and BJ8...and other British

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I have two NOS six volt Lucas reproduction batteries.  They would probably work just fine for a while, but I would rather simplify by installing a single 12 volt battery instead.  Does anyone have any pictures, procedures or components required for this conversion.  I trust sealed batteries like Optima more than these lead/acid repros.Mike MacLean_______________________________________________
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