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Mike Sinclair phoenix722 at comcast.net
Tue May 4 16:18:06 MDT 2021

A month ago, I wrote regarding my BJ8 which just suddenly quit.  Hagerty 
brought it home.  Diagnosis:

It takes fuel, air, and spark to combust.

Lots of fuel


Pretty sure there is air.

Checked all the voltages, all per spec.

Changed condenser, no improvement.

Rotor and points are new.

Someone suggested the cutoff switch in the boot might be bad.  Checked 
the wire, and it wasn't even connected.  Disconnected this wire at the 
coil and using my trusty ohmmeter, both ends went to ground.  Aha!  
Intermittent ground!  Fired it up; a little reluctant but it started up 
and seemed to run ok.  Drove around the block a few times, came home and 
patted myself on the back.  Next day took it out for a little longer run 
(2 miles) and it began to whimper badly 1/2 mile from home.  Nursed it home.

Thought about it (a lot) including the fact that it has always been very 
hard to start when cold, and even then runs poorly for a few seconds 
before it catches.  Decided that maybe even though there was spark, 
maybe it wasn't strong enough.  Bought a new coil.

After installation, if fired up much easier, and runs great.  Have been 
taking it on increasingly longer test runs and it seems fine.  I hate to 
say it is cured, but seems to be.

Thanks to all who replied with helpful hints.


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