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Many years ago when I was fitting the freshly painted tank and new straps to
the BN3 (standard 100 steel tank) I had devil of a time making the straps


Eventually I used the trolley jack and length of timber to gingerly push up
the boot floor and had two of my then young kids sit on the top of the tank.
After gaining a couple of threads it all bolted together.


Recently fitted a new tank to a BJ8 and had no problem.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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Kilmartin also sells the tank straps and they only list a number for all the
models. I checked the AH Spares catalogue and they list only one model of
straps and it shows it is for the 6 cyl. Only. I am currently working on a
BN2 and removed the tank straps as they were in poor condition and
outwardly, they look the same as all previous ones I have seen. 




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The tank straps I bought don't seem to be quite long enough.  The threaded
fitting that is bolted to the boot floor of my BN2 barely protrude below the
boot floor to get a nut on.  When I look in the Moss catalog there is a
different part number for the BN1/2 tank strap and another for the BN4 to
BJ8 strap.  Do I take it the BN1/2 strap is a different length than the
later version? Of course the BN1/2 tank strap in the Moss catalog is N/A. If
the early straps are longer than the later ones, I will be in the market for
a pair, used or new.  Looking at the suppliers in the UK the tank strap they
list says it is appropriate for BN1 through BJ8 for one supplier and another
UK supplier just does not list the BN1/2 tank strap.  I don't think it is
safe the way the tank strap I have only has a few threads of engagement
holding it to the floor.  Any ideas on this subject?

Mike MacLean


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