[Healeys] Overdrive inhibitor switch BN1

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Guys, I'm afraid that if you want the original screw terminal switch
you just have to live with some minor leakage. I did use a minute
amount of Permatec "The right stuff" in those areas around the switch
but it still gives a wet finger. So, all the boxes that I did have a
"wet switch". I even found some replacement units (very rare) which
also leaked. Presently there is one on ebay for $45.
The fact that you were able to replace the o-ring is just amazing,
John. Such persistence! I would rather have the original screw
terminals, than a dry Lucar switch. But some of my customers were not
so fussy. I hated to modify that harness! Then too, they put the unit
at the bottom of the gearbox where it receives the most pressure, and
is prone to being hit by debris, Hank, healeyhelper.com

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 I have been successful in replacing the 'O' ring but I had a problem
getting the correct size and being oil resistant. 
 I say successful but this was only about 4 years ago so it may not
last as long as the original. Time will tell! 
 Best regards  
 On Wed, 28 Jul 2021 at 15:15, Michael Salter via Healeys  wrote:
  On the BN1 gearbox the overdrive inhibitor switch is immersed in oil
and is frequently a source of leakage. The original switch was part #
2H2272 which changed up to 11G3062. The Lucas # for that switch is
31077 and these are screw terminal switches. These switches
incorporate an "O" ring seal on the plunger to stop oil leaking
through the switch. After 60 years the "O" rings tend to leak
(appalling quality) and it becomes necessary to change the switch, as
replacing the "O" ring involves disassembling the switch and usually
doesn't work. The original Lucas 31077 switches are of course NLA. 
Lucas now supplies a Lucar terminal switch as a replacement. In later
applications the "O" ring seal in not required as the switch is no
longer immersed in oil, although on the side shift boxes it is
subjected to oil splash. I have installed a new Lucas switch on a BN1
gearbox but during a Varsol leak test it leaks significantly and I'm
suspicious that it has no oil seal.  I'm awaiting the delivery of a
replacement but was wondering if anyone else has had success with the
currently available switch in a BN1 box. 
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