[Healeys] old problem of cockpit heat

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Remember too, the Longbridge 100-6s do not have baffles. After Geoff
Healey "smoked" them they added the parts to Abingdon cars. You can
buy a set from Moss to upgrade. That may control some of the cockpit
heat. Hank

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	buy a second set of ducts, slice them length wise and slip over with
the slice hidden under the fenders.. can't hurt?
 On 7/21/2021 8:28 AM, Dr C A Rubino via Healeys wrote:
  I recently noticed that when I push the air intake on my 100-6 I get
really hot air not by far the same temp as outside. Consequently I
have been running with the intake closed. 
 I checked the cold air hose to make sure it is properly connected at
both ends so as not to pick up heat from the engine compartment. Hose
appears to be intact. 
 I have been thinking about getting a 3 inch hose wrapping it in
insulating tape and put it inside the existing cold air hose. 
 Any thoughts or suggestions? 
 Carl 1957-Longbridge 

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