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Tue Jul 13 05:34:00 MDT 2021

It's been a long time since I recovered a set of 100 seats (actually early 100-6). I can't recall how I addressed the seat back ears where the three pieces seperate (inside/ piping/ outside). It seems to make sense to wrap and glue the inside piece over to the outside, and upholstery nail the piping over the inside piece (on the outside) into the wood.  Here is where I'm debating my plan of attack on the outer piece:

A) Carefully trim the outer ear piece, fold over and glue the edges, and glue it nicely up to the piping edge.

B) Same as above but stitch the outer ear piece to the piping.

C) Same as (A), but place a few hidden upholstery nails between the folded over edge of the outer ear and attempt to carefully nail them in with the head under the outer piece but through the inner edge. Risking the nail head damaging the outer material.

Unfortunately my original seats had some repairs done in this area,  so I can't see how it was originally done.

Thanks in advance,  Shawn

The Millers

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