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First thing I would do is swap out the "new" solenoid for another, to
see if the unit works properly. It sounds like this one is wimpy.
When you say gasket replacement, I'm assuming that you mean the gasket
between the side cover and the body. The solenoid has no gasket and
adding one would create a problem. The side cover gasket is not very
thick, so use sealant to prevent any leaks. (also replace o-ring).
Other than that, there is no reason that the gasket replacement would
affect the operation, providing the accumulator parts are assembled
correctly, and are in good working order.
Four hundred pounds of pressure is needed to overcome the 8 springs
which keep the unit in direct drive. Any less will not shift properly.
Now carefully read and adjust the solenoid position as described in
the manual. When adjusted, the lever only moves about 1/16" to engage
OD. Regards, Hank

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 for a few months i have been struggling with an overdrive that fails
to engage with the solenoid (new one) but will engage if
 i push on the right side setting lever. made many different
adjustments and none worked. solenoid will instantly lift the
 left side adjusting arm as long as there is no oil pressure. it will
not lift the adjustment arm more than a few millimeters
 when car is moving. we had removed the solenoid bracket and replaced
a gasket. not sure what could have happened but
 trans and o/d are now separated on my workbench and i can see nothing
wrong anywhere. checked and reseated ball on
 oil pump and found no grit or dirt. small accumulator piston moves up
and down inside housing assembly. there were no
 problems with overdrive until gasket change. any help appreciated.
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