[Healeys] Exhausting Problem

Michael MacLean springer.mike51 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 20:07:08 MDT 2021

Can someone give me a measurement of the front pipe from the flange to the
end that slips on to the muffler of a 100?  I bought a muffler and a tail
pipe new, but a used front pipe was given to me.  This front pipe seems to
have been welded to the muffler in the past and was cut off just aft of the
weld.  I would like to send the front pipe to Jet Hot for coating, but I
need to cut it to the correct length.  I'm not sure that is even a good
idea with the flexible section in the pipe.  Would the coating crack in
this area.  How much flexing does it do?  The exhaust manifold is already
ceramic coated.  Just trying to keep the inevitable heat down in the engine
Mike MacLean
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