[Healeys] BJ8---clutch and "SS" aka--scuttle shake

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Thu Jul 8 07:00:14 MDT 2021

Recently (maybe 6 months ago) I installed a new clutch disc and TOB.  (PP looked good so didn't add a new one)  Shifts great but when starting the car even with it out of gear, it "groans" a second or so when the engine starts but goes away and I would only hear it at times when I down shifted.  Once hot I never heard it.  Then--------I took a 600 mile trip over the last two days.  I began to hear it more and at different times---Pushing the clutch in, starting the car and downshifting.  Several times I heard what sounded like a "ping" when I pressed the cutch pedal.I have a hunch it is the PP-----could be one of the fingers got bent when installing??  Otherwise, I have no idea.Second------for the years I have had this car, I have hated the dreaded scuttle shake.  I have balanced all wheels--even added the scuttle shake "mod"  (cross beams on the inner body, behind the engine) and had the rear drums balanced locally.  All to no avail-----between 55 and 65 there is comes again!!  The drive was wonderful all the while as long as I drove slower or faster than these speeds.
What to do------what to do???Any thoughts would be appreciated.Tom
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