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Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I was a member of the Motor
Equipment Manufacturers International Trade committee and met with many of
the salesmen of the time.  Also, I was selling auto parts for American cars
to Central America. I became friends with a fellow who sold brake cylinders
which were made in Italy.  He wanted to shift that manufacturing to Korea
because the cost from Italy had become uncompetitive. I took him to my
hometown brake service guy who knew more about brake parts than the makers.
Slowly, we bought 2 of every brake cylinder in the TRW, Echlin catalog and
shipped them to Korea to be duplicated.  He hired an engineer to measure and
record every centimeter of the wheel cylinders to make certain they were to
original specs.  Once he had a line to sell, he quit his job and began
selling to the off brand American companies and major suppliers of their
brand of auto parts.  Eventually, he moved manufacturing to China and was
supplying the name brands in the USA.  The quality was as good if not better
than made in the USA. Kind of wish I had negotiated and piece of that


I doubt any brake cylinders are made in the USA.  Closest would be a
Maquiladoras in Mexico such as the Cardone who is supplying lots of brand
names.  Why can't American companies make these little parts for cars, etc.
Because it is mostly hand assembled and we will not work for less a few
dollars an hour.


For the most part, purchase from a well-known American supplier is quality
product to be sure of quality auto parts, such as NAPA and you can return it
if defective.


Also, I bought the off-brand brake cylinder from Moss in my rebuild, and
have had not problems in 1,000 miles



Bob Begani

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