[Healeys] BJ8 Rear Brake

Healey 67healey at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 16:37:49 MDT 2021

 I had to replace a leaking, original wheel cylinder (drivers side)
earlier. Everything went fine with the install & adjustment, except that on
its inaugural run, it became quickly apparent that things were not right.
 Took the drum back off again, only to find that the cylinder was not
retracting properly.
  Group wisdom from the internet says you need to replace the rubber
pipe.No problem - except there is only 1 of these rubber brake pipes that
goes into a T to feed both rear brakes - and the problem is ONLY with the
driver's brake - the passenger side rear wheel cylinder retracts like a
champ. Driver's side spring is ok btw.
 So what I don't understand is - if the inside of the rubber pipe was
swollen, not letting fluid back through, wouldn't this affect both rear
brakes, not just one of them?

  Should I replace this one hose, or did I get a "bad" wheel cylinder from
Moss? (yes, I ordered the cheaper aftermarket cylinder @ $14 as opposed to
the TRW brand cylinder @ $70), or do I replace both? or?

  Lastly, what is the min thickness of the rear shoes? Both are evenly worn
& about the same thickness as the metal mounting plate underneath.

  Thanks in advance,

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