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Thank you for your feedback. Very helpful.

The Millers

"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."
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I run an "M" cam and pistons in an otherwise stock engine and can report that there are no drive ability or tuning issues.
Has plenty of power and overheating is only an issue when I get stopped in traffic immediately after a fast run.


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I was wondering what driving/ idle characteristics would be like if a "M" camshaft was installed in a otherwise stock engine/ carb setup? I lack knowledge of camshaft degrees, duration, and all those technical details concerning camshafts, but I'm interested in drivers seat impressions.  Seems "M" camshaft are more readily available at the moment and for a much more reasonable price.

And to take it a step further,  what about a "M" camshaft and "M" pistons with stock carb setup? Obviously driving the car prior to sourcing the "M" carbs/intake.  Just curious.
Thank you,  Shawn

The Millers

"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."
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