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Gil Rockwell gilrockwell at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 08:41:56 MDT 2021

For what it is worth, I have received several calls over the past several
years from similar, unknown people who found my name in the member list.
One has called several times, and each time I tell him I'm not interested.
Can't remember if it was this person or not, but I would pass, you just
cannot be too careful anymore.

61 BT7.

On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 12:50 AM Len and/or Marge Hartnett via Healeys <
healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:

> I received the below message.  I wondered, why me?  I live in California.
> Why would someone in North Carolina ask me if I wanted to sell my car?
> In doing the research, I thought I would ask The List if anyone else has
> received an e-mail from Bruce Thomas or knows him.  Who "advised " him that
> that I owned an Austin-Healey?  Does anyone in AHCUSA know him?  He is not
> in the latest roster.
> Curious Minds Want To Know.
> (The Other) Len
> Fairfield, CA, USA
> 1967 AH 3000 MkIII, HBJ8L39031
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> *From:* bruce at scrum7.com
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> *Sent:* Wednesday, July 28, 2021 10:58 AM
> *Subject:* Austin Healey Ownership
> Hi Leonard, I have been advised that you are or once were a member of the
> Austin Healey USA owners club and subsequently owned an Austin Healey car.
> I am looking to purchase an enthusiast owned and maintained Healey for my
> fathers 60th birthday (he is originally from the UK but has lived in the US
> for many years). Do you still have a Healey? Would you be open to
> discussing selling the car to a good home? Many thanks in advance. Bruce
> Thomas (704) 351-7470
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