[Healeys] Rear Quarter Panel Screws BT7

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Thanks for the answer. Yes my car has the captive nuts on the inside of the
inner fenders. I will leave the Phillips screws off.


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Yes some early BT7 had those, it is discussed in the Concours Guide. I think
a good way to know if yours should have them or not, is to determine if
there are captive nuts on the inside of the inner fenders for the bolt that
hold the bump boxes. If there are nuts, then you should not have the pan
head, Phillips, ¼” UNF screws from the inside.




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The interior on my Healey BT7 was in very poor condition when I purchased
the car. I am making the the rear quarter panels and noticed some Healey's
from the same time frame as mine have two screws holding the rear quarter
panel in place. It looks like the screws go through the wheel well and then
secure the bump stops. I have the the original wooden pieces which are in
very poor shape but definitely no holes. The car in question was
manufactured in November 1960 and is towards the end of the BT7 Mk1


Were these holes added by the factory or are they aftermarket?



Thanks for your help.... Harold


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