[Healeys] S U fuel pump

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Tue Oct 20 12:01:50 MDT 2020


No problem selling them, however shipping from NL is another matter. At 
least $14 without T&T, with T&T $36. Better try ebay, e.g.:


Just over a$1 for 10 incl. shipping!!.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 20-10-2020 om 19:48 schreef Ray Juncal:
> Thanks guys for the great info, the power of the list is amazing. 
> Kees, you want to sell me three of those transils? Saves me from 
> poking around on ebay.
> Thanks again
> Ray
> On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 9:17:57 AM PDT, Kees Oudesluijs via 
> Healeys <healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:
> Bob,
> Did you fit the transil in the same way the diode was fitted? If so 
> this is not correct. It should be fitted as the capacitor is fitted, 
> between the small screw that holds the points blade and one of the 
> bigger screws that fix the Bakelite bridge to the coil body. You can 
> fit the transil instead of the capacitor or parallel to the capacitor. 
> A diode is fitted in series with the points, a transil or capacitor is 
> fitted over the points.
> Kees Oudesluijs
> Op 20-10-2020 om 17:18 schreef Bob Spidell:
> The late Dave DuBois, who designed the transistor-switch fix, quit 
> doing the conversions when he found the reduced voltage cross the 
> points allowed them to oxidize. I tried the transil fix, but didn't 
> get much more longevity than a stock points setup with a diode; I do 
> know some have had better luck with them.
> I have a points/diode pump in my BN2 that works well, but I only have 
> a few hundred miles in the car. I've lost track of what I've got in my 
> BJ8.
> Bob
> On 10/19/2020 11:31 PM, Kees Oudesluijs via Healeys wrote:
> When rebuilding SU electrical fuel pumps I ad a transil (e.g.. 1.5 
> KE18CA) over the points, parallel or in stead of the capacitor if 
> fitted. This reduces the max voltage across the points to 18V instead 
> of several hundreds when the contact is broken and the points spark.
> It is also important to clean and polish the points using flower paper 
> (2-3000 grid), also when new!!
> A transil is more or less a bi-directional Zener diode. They cost next 
> to nothing. I buy them in bulk and pay about $0,15 but when buying 
> only one expect to pay between $1 and $5. Ebay is an excellent way to 
> source transils (mainly from China).
> A transistor circuit similar to those used in early transistorised 
> ignition systems does a similar job by limiting the current through 
> the points
> Kees Oudesluijs
> Op 20-10-2020 om 07:50 schreef Ray Juncal via Healeys:
> I'm rebuilding a couple of early S. U. fuel pumps for my 100. In 
> checking my reference files I came across an article from the MG club 
> about adding a transistor circuit to reduce the amps across the 
> points. That would keep the points from burning and extend the life of 
> the points. Has anyone on the list tried this? The author of the 
> article claims he has 20,000 miles on the conversion and new looking 
> contact points. Thoughts, comments, suggestions.....
> Regards
> Ray
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