[Healeys] Pedals

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Oct 19 12:00:09 MDT 2020

On a recent 'Wheeler Dealers' episode they re-furbed a Datsun 'Fairlady' 
sports car (tinier than even a 100). Ant's feet couldn't work the 
pedals, as there was barely a gap between the accelerator and brake 
pedals. His solution was to take the brake pedal shaft, which was bent 
so as to place the two pedals close, and with a vice and a BFH he bent 
it the other way ... 'Job done!' as Ant would say.

I've bought several pairs of shoes solely because had narrow, tapered 
toe sections.

On 10/19/2020 10:41 AM, Perry Small via Healeys wrote:
> Maybe the “why” of why the covers fall or are pushed off may be more evident from this exercise. Granted I have big feet. Pedals are less then 4 inches center to center. My shoes tight against each other are more than that. Not a realistic position for street driving let alone more aggressive driving. Spread the shoes a bit(one inch apart) and the shoe/ pedal position is off set on the pedals. Combine that with slipping your foot left or right or using the toe of your shoe, those little rubber pedal covers get tweaked in all directions. Next thing you know they are laying on the floor. I would imagine the zip-tie solution or a good adhesive would help a lot. Another solution is turn your ride into a garage queen (not!) or drive it as I did for many decades, with no shoes on your feet, Hawaiian style! It’s a little warm down there after a long drive but those barefoot calluses are a pretty good insulator.
> P
> Hope everyone is enduring this time in our lives well. 😋

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