[Healeys] jack handles - again!

m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 6 08:51:50 MDT 2020

! cannot determine the length of the jack handles for an early BT7.


Photo 25 in Supplement 7 of the Concours Guide indicates the correct jack
for my BT7 (build date October 1959) is the King Dick B. 1881.  The caption
says the KD 1881 and Shelley LJ21 jacks used the same handles, which are
illustrated but there is no scale and the lengths are not provided.  Photo
18 in the supplement shows the Shelley LJ21 and 3 sets of jack handles, the
bottom set being for the LJ21, which should therefore be the correct ones
for the KD B. 1881 as well.  The caption provides the lengths for the other
two sets of handles, but not the handle length for the LJ21!  The text does
not provide  the lengths either.  The bottom set in Photo 18 look to be
intermediate between the other two sets, perhaps around 18"?


Does anyone have a set of handles that are correct for the Shelly LJ21/King
Dick B. 1881 that they could measure the lengths of for me?  This would be a
useful addition to the next version of the guide.


With thanks, Mirek

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