[Healeys] BN2 in 1957 mystery movie

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for posting this.  I've become a "collector" of films that have
Healeys in them and have well over a hundred of them, but this wasn't one.
In watching the movie, I was wondering why it had such an oversized rear
view mirror until I saw they used it to reflect both the driver and
passenger in the car in the same shot.  As a Mercedes guy, I'm surprised
you didn't mention the Gullwing Mercedes in the final scene, driven by Leo
McKern, later famed for "Rumpole of the Bailey"  The whole movie is
available here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8v5vgk1cME

Healthy Healeying,
Rick Neville


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> We were watching Turner Classic Movies this evening -- a little know
> film-noir called "Time without Pity."
> In the initial close-up of the two actors driving through London, with the
> backdrop moving behind them and them sitting in the car with just a little
> bit of the car showing, the car looked familiar
> When they moved to a camera angle where you could see the A-pillar, it had
> the distinctive folding windshield of an Austin-Healey BN1/2, but given the
> year of the film, probably a BN2.
> A street scene showing them pull up to the curb showed the registration
> number on the plate: OOX 926. Does that car or film or registration number
> ring any bells with anyone? I haven't looked it up in IMDB, but it was a
> pretty obscure film.
> Thanks
> Gary Anderson
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