[Healeys] BN2 in 1957 mystery movie

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Mon Oct 5 23:02:17 MDT 2020

We were watching Turner Classic Movies this evening -- a little know film-noir called "Time without Pity." 
In the initial close-up of the two actors driving through London, with the backdrop moving behind them and them sitting in the car with just a little bit of the car showing, the car looked familiarWhen they moved to a camera angle where you could see the A-pillar, it had the distinctive folding windshield of an Austin-Healey BN1/2, but given the year of the film, probably a BN2.A street scene showing them pull up to the curb showed the registration number on the plate: OOX 926. Does that car or film or registration number ring any bells with anyone? I haven't looked it up in IMDB, but it was a pretty obscure film.
Gary Anderson
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