[Healeys] Healey/Morris connection?

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Ah, the wavy grille. This was designed by Eric Neele, engineer at
Jensen, to be used on the first 100-6 body produced by Jensen. The
powers to be wanted a departure from the 100 vertical bars and Neele
came up with this look, and the tractor seats, to be installed in the
4-place Healey BN4 (a misnomer as the "N" stands for two seat
roadster). (photo)
As you know over the years the vertical treatment came back to
represent the original Healey look. As Michael indicates, the parts
bins had lots of those grilles, and they got used as standard
equipment on many models from BMC. Hank

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Hi Peter, as I understand it the "wavey" grill bars were part of a
"rationalization" drive initiated under Len Lord's management. All
sorts of parts were redesigned to allow for the use of component parts
to be used across many models.
On Thu., Oct. 1, 2020, 1:33 p.m. Peter Dzwig via Healeys,  wrote:
I was driving and was passed by a Morris 1100 coming towards me.
 speed was about 80 - 90 mph, so I didn't get a long chance to look
but I
 noticed that it had a 100/6-style "wavy grill".

 Really curious. Does anyone know if this was a standard option, or an
 aftermarket hack? I know that they were part of the same group, but I
 wouldn't have thought that the shroud opening would take it on the

 Anyone any thoughts/ideas :-)


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