[Healeys] 3/8 BSF studs

Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
Fri Jun 26 12:59:26 MDT 2020

Happened to me too, but the other way around. I accidentally bought studs for a 100 when I restored a 3000. I couldn’t understand why the studs didn’t fit, until many swear words later I discovered my mistake.


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> 26 juni 2020 kl. 16:55 skrev Michael Salter <michaelsalter at gmail.com>:
> The 100 that I'm restoring has been previously "restored" so I'm being pretty careful with threads and running taps and chasers through any that look even slightly suspicious. 
> The exhaust flange studs on a 100 (2K7708) are 3/8" BSF and 3 years back the ones on this engine looked to be in such good shape that I decided that running a chaser down them wasn't necessary. 
> Silly me!!
> With one of the last jobs being installing one of my specially made single sweeping curve front pipes I confidently started running the BSF nuts up to secure the flange. On the last one the nut started well but after a few turns became tight .... as is my usual practice I decided to back it off and run a chaser up the stud to clean up the thread.
> Ahhh Houston  .... the nut had seized tight on the thread and despite every trick the stud eventually broke off at the top of the thread.
> Now this is on an engine that I have painstakingly restored however,  there was no option but to remove all the manifolds to replace the stud ... 
> Only after all that did I discover that this 1 stud had been replaced with a UNF and that was why the brass nut had locked onto it 

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