[Healeys] BN2 Wiring Begins

Michael Lempert mlempert at bellsouth.net
Sat Jul 18 12:45:42 MDT 2020

> As some of you may remember, I am trying to get as much done in the engine
> bay of my BN2 as possible before I try dropping the engine in the car.
> Last night i finished mounting the insulating panels on the outside of the
> driver's footwell.  This weekend I would like to start to install the part
> of the wiring harness that passes through the firewall and whatever sub
> harnesses go in the engine bay.  In the past I installed a new harness in
> my Bugeye during that restoration without much trouble.  That is a much
> simpler harness though.  The harness for the BN2 has a lot more going on
> under the bonnet.  I can see the general physical routing of the main
> harness in some of the many pictures I have gathered over the years.  It is
> a little intimidating when there are points in the harness when multiple
> wires of the same color exit the loom at a single point.  One spot has four
> white wires, two smaller gauge than the other two, and one brown wire.
> Another has four green wires and one brown wire coming out of the loom a
> couple inches from the bunch of white wires.  I can see what component
> these wires go to by the routing of the loom, but how to know which wire of
> the same color goes to which connection on that component.  Any suggestions
> before I pull out what hair I have left?
> Mike MacLean

Michael:  If you’re working from a BN1 wiring diagram, be aware that there was but one difference with the BN2. The flasher indicator in the dash instrument panel is wired differently. Best to check that you have the correct indicator first. 

Mike Lempert
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