[Healeys] Tuesday Rant

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Tue Jul 7 22:37:13 MDT 2020

My new 100M carbs being installed tonight hit a snag.  I put the throttlr arm and shaft connector on the two carbs with no problem or binding.  As a last little task I was going to put the yoke to connect the two choke levers on the carbs.  This carb set was bought direct from Burlen a couple of years ago at a great savings.  ( $700, believe it or not)  Much more than that now.  Included with the carbs were two sets of gaskets,  a thottle arm and a choke liver yoke kit.  As you can see from the included picture there is no way to clamp the yoke wire in the pin vise because the clamping screw is too short as you can see.  Really?  Not very professional.Mike MacLean

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