[Healeys] HS4 Tri-carb tuning

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Jul 6 19:32:21 MDT 2020

After much effort and consideration, I decided there must be some Brits 
who wrote that 'procedure' laughing their asses off knowing there is no 
practical* way to lift the pistons exactly 1/32"

* But you can, if you have the little wire thingies in the poor man's 
tuning kit--actually quite useful--stick the wire thingies in the piston 
and gauge the piston rise; the wires themselves are pretty close to 
1/32" thick

On 7/6/2020 3:39 PM, John Spaur via Healeys wrote:
> I installed three brand new HS4 carbs on my BT7 this weekend. They 
> seem to work really well with no load and light load on some very 
> short test drives. The jet adjusting nuts are very close to what the 
> old ones were set to. One of the tests is to lift the piston with the 
> lifting pin as far as you can. That is supposed to stall the engine. 
> However, this only works on the center carb. When I test the front and 
> rear, it just slows the engine down a bit. What have others found when 
> they do this test? BTW, I can hardly tell a difference in the engine 
> speed when I lift the pistons 1/32”.
> TIA,
> John
> San Jose, CA

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