[Healeys] 100 starter issue

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“Slow Hot Starts” Check for vapor lock in the Lucas smoke generator. 😊

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My problem exactly.  
I switched to a high torque unit which worked pretty well till the skinny bolts pulled the unit apart.  
Back to the Lucas starter , with slow hot starts.  
I’ll try a rebuild.   


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Subject: [Healeys] 100 starter issue
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A friend's 100 appears to have an issue with his starter. On a recent day trip, the car started fine in the morning at home & would re-start again if the car had time to cool down after stopping. But if the car was only stopped for a short time, like at a gas station, before re-starting the starter would barely turn the engine over, if at all. He has a new battery & the ignition litewas lit when the engine was not running & was not lit when it was running. Does this indicate something is wrong with the starter & what is it?Gary Hodson?
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