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Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Jul 2 02:17:15 MDT 2020

The book is free of charge from Burlen/SU. You just pay the shipping.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 2-7-2020 om 01:21 schreef Mark Donaldson:
> Richard and Perry,
> Both of my S.U. books show *AUC8112* as the only damper for the BJ8
> *AUC8114*is for the Mk II tri-carb and ALL of the Sprites with the 
> exception of the Bugeye (S.U. calls it ‘Frogeye’ as do you British 
> listers) which has *AUC8103*
> **
> *AUC8115*is found in the HD8s fitted to E-type Jags and the 4 litre 
> Jensen 541 from 1960 – 1963.
> For you Anoraks out there, my main S.U. book by S.U. is called SPARE 
> PARTS AND SPECIFICATION CATALOGUE.  It runs to 179 pages and is spiral 
> bound.
> I got it at the Goodwood Revival back in 2015.  It is a very useful 
> little handbook.
> It has everything you wanted to know about S.U. carburettors, but were 
> too afraid to ask. 😊
> Mark
> Ardmore
> NZ
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> The carbs I have on hand have the most common, and perhaps the correct 
> piston rod AUC8112.  Also found AUC8114.  My factory 3000/BJ8 parts 
> book covering the HD8 carbs has conveniently disappeared for the 
> moment so I can not verify what part the factory called for.  The 
> weight of the piston body (very small weight at the end of the damper 
> rod) should not have a bearing on the operation as it can only move 
> vertically 1/16 inch and is otherwise fixed in place. I checked the 
> diameter of the piston body on several and they all appear to be the 
> same. The diameter would seem to be much more important for proper 
> carb operation.
> I had asked the SU dealer in England for guidance for use of the 
> different numbered parts but have not heard back, thus this convoluted 
> email to the list.
> P
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> From the various responses I received it seems that AUC8112 is the 
> correct damper for the HD8s.  The main difference between the dampers 
> that I can observe appears to be the size of the very small weight at 
> the end of the damper rod.
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> Subject: HD8 dashpot damper part #s
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> I have 3 sets of HD8 carburetors all with different dashpot dampers.  
> AUC8112, AUC8114 and AUC8115.  What is the correct damper for a BJ8?
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