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Richard and Perry,


Both of my S.U. books show AUC8112 as the only damper for the BJ8

AUC8114 is for the Mk II tri-carb and ALL of the Sprites with the exception of the Bugeye (S.U. calls it ‘Frogeye’ as do you British listers) which has AUC8103


AUC8115 is found in the HD8s fitted to E-type Jags and the 4 litre Jensen 541 from 1960 – 1963.


For you Anoraks out there, my main S.U. book by S.U. is called SPARE PARTS AND SPECIFICATION CATALOGUE.  It runs to 179 pages and is spiral bound.

I got it at the Goodwood Revival back in 2015.  It is a very useful little handbook.

It has everything you wanted to know about S.U. carburettors, but were too afraid to ask.  😊






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The carbs I have on hand have the most common, and perhaps the correct piston rod  AUC8112.  Also found AUC8114.  My factory 3000/BJ8 parts book covering the HD8 carbs has conveniently disappeared for the moment so I can not verify what part the factory called for.  The weight of the piston body (very small weight at the end of the damper rod) should not have a bearing on the operation as it can only move vertically 1/16 inch and is otherwise fixed in place. I checked the diameter of the piston body on several and they all appear to be the same. The diameter would seem to be much more important for proper carb operation. 

I had asked the SU dealer in England for guidance for use of the different numbered parts but have not heard back, thus this convoluted email to the list.



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>From the various responses I received it seems that AUC8112 is the correct damper for the HD8s.  The main difference between the dampers that I can observe appears to be the size of the very small weight at the end of the damper rod. 


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I have 3 sets of HD8 carburetors all with different dashpot dampers.  AUC8112, AUC8114 and AUC8115.  What is the correct damper for a BJ8?


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