[Healeys] Steering Wheel Hub and Shaft Spline Fit

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I had a similar difficulty. Since it would go part way on I concluded that the either the splines on the shaft or in the hub or both were the issue. I used a very small triangular file, available in some hobby stores, and spent some time "cleaning" both the shaft & the hub splines until I got them to slide together smoothly. The file needs to be tapered to a very fine point & I recall using only the tip portion to be sure I was not rounding off the top/tip of the splines. Clean the filings out periodically & test the fit.Gary H.

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 Hello, Has anyone experienced a problem fitting the steering wheel onto the splined steering shaft? I can get the steering wheel hub to go onto the shaft the length of the collet but then it hits a dead stop. I have checked both the male and female splines and there are no obvious problems. The steering wheel is from a Mk 1 BT7 and the steering box is from a BJ7 and they have never been together before. The fit should be loose enough to allow the hub to slide on the shaft but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems like either the OD of the shaft to too large or the ID of the hub too small. Any help is appreciated.... Harold  _______________________________________________
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