[Healeys] Curved/quiet or Straight/efficent

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Hello Harold


Thanks for your input.


I know that at higher speeds an electric fan becomes superfluous, however my initial question did not concern the cooling of an Austin-Healey, but that of a Healey.


Be that as it may, the cooling system of a Healey is I believe more efficient than that of an Austin-Healey, especially that of a six-cylinder. As an aside it’s interesting to look at the BMC part number for a radiator for a six-cylinder Austin-Healey. There was no change in the part number whether it was for a 100/6 engine producing 102bhp right through to the BJ8 producing 141bhp. The only thing that was different was the radiator pressure cap that gradually increased with the corresponding increase in bhp.


In other words BMC engineers really didn’t give much consideration to an improvement in engine cooling especially for warmer climates, fan blades excepted.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn


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Have a look at this article. BTW fans don't do much at speeds over 25 MPH.




For the record I am of the belief that the Healey cooling system is marginal as a result of all of the key components being marginal: water pump, fan, radiator, thermostat, bypass system, pressure rating, etc. are all less than ideal. There is no magic solution and the best approach is to keep all of components in as good an operating condition as possible. Good performance by one component will likely not compensate for poor performance by one of more of the other components.


Just my thoughts ... Harold





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Take a look at:




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I am confused by the terminology & illustrations on this site. 


Pitch = angle of attack. An efficient fan/propeller blade usually has a higher pitch near the hub (center) than at the tip. A blade with a constant pitch is less efficient.


Blade Camber is the equivalent of a wing airfoil. A flat blade = 0 camber is generally less efficient than a blade with a camber/ arch/airfoil. However, the camber has t be appropriate to the application. 



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Sir Patrick

Please peruse the web site at: https://daviescraig.com.au/blog/straight-vs-curved-fan-blades-dispelling-the-myth

They must have the best info on the globe since they are located down under! 😊




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