[Healeys] Curved/quiet or Straight/efficent

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Take a look at:

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I am confused by the terminology & illustrations on this site. 
Pitch = angle of attack. An efficient fan/propeller blade usually has a higher pitch near the hub (center) than at the tip. A blade with a constant pitch is less efficient.

Blade Camber is the equivalent of a wing airfoil. A flat blade = 0 camber is generally less efficient than a blade with a camber/ arch/airfoil. However, the camber has t be appropriate to the application. 


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Sir Patrick
Please peruse the web site at: https://daviescraig.com.au/blog/straight-vs-curved-fan-blades-dispelling-the-myth
They must have the best info on the globe since they are located down under! 😊
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