[Healeys] Mystery Side Curtains

Harold Manifold manifold at telus.net
Sun Jan 19 11:09:06 MST 2020

I need the expertise of this forum once again. I purchased my car as a barn
find and it came with the usual box of parts all of which were supposed to
be for the car, a 1960 BT7 Mk1. The Plexiglas on one side curtain had a
broken corner and I though it would be easy enough to order a new piece of
Plexiglas. When I was looking for the Plexiglas I noticed the side curtains
at AH Spares, Moss, British Car Specialists, etc all looked different than
the pair I have. One difference is mine has a rubber seal on all 4 sides and
the aluminum extrusion looks to be different as well. The dimensions of the
aluminum frame are 13.25"high and 28.25" long. The angle at the front tip is
60 degrees.
Before I spend time and money repairing and refurbishing these side curtains
I would like to confirm they are right of the car.
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