[Healeys] Surgery to front cross braces

george mcharris gmcharris at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 19 07:14:32 MST 2020

Just mount the fans in front of the braces...no problems. Not quite as efficient, but good enuf.

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   1. Re: Surgery to front cross braces. (WILLIAM B LAWRENCE)


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Simon, When I installed two 10 inch Hayden fans on the front of the radiator of my 100 I needed some extra space between the radiator and the cross braces. They were already loose from the upper brace due to previous wear and tear so I bent them forward (in relation to the front of the car) at the base and re-landed them on a sheet metal angle piece that I had fabricated andspot welded to the front of the top brace. That gave, in this case, an extra 1" of clearance which simplified installation of the radiator with the fans attached.[cid:807cd2dc-5561-495a-adbe-104ec14f3023]
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I am having fifty thousand fits trying to install a Revotec pusher fan in my 3000 MkII BT7 ie a fan that sits on the front of the radiator.

So?..I?ve got a Revotec kit. Decent powerful ?slimline? 14? fan and a pair of mounting brackets designed specifically for 3000s. (Plus a thermostat etc).

The brackets are very nicely made. ?Laser-cut?, I think they say. And the destructions are well laid out and perfectly comprehensible.

But, not to put to fine a point on it, the bloody thing won?t fit.

It?s all too precise, all cut to the nearest millimetre with very little scope for fettling. They probably got a 3000 and designed everything precisely per that particular car and supposed that 3000s would all be the same. (To the nearest millimetre!!!)  I must have had the radiator in and out half a dozen times. It?s not easy ? on my car at least ? without the fan. But, with the fan, it?s a real PITA.

I?ve got to the stage where I give up or attack the two cross pieces with an angle grinder.

I?m referring to the two bits of angle-iron, referred to as braces I think, that are behind the radiator. They are, basically, ?L?-shaped with the horizontal section nearest the grille and the flat going towards the radiator.  I wonder if it?s imprudent to grind off about ? ? of both sides about 4? above where they intersect and about 1?? below.

See the attached. I?m thinking of grinding off everything contained within the black arrows.

I really can?t see an alternative but I?m holding off for now. Seems a tad drastic??

Really appreciate your input on this?


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