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Michael Salter michaelsalter at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 21:11:44 MST 2020

Hi Bruce,  before changing parts I would recommend some diagnosis.
Typically installing a longer push rod will make no difference.
The combination of master cylinder diameter, master cylinder piston travel
and slave cylinder diameter will result in a specific slave cylinder
That distance of travel is designed to be sufficient to fully disengage the
First I would suggest using an adjustable wrench on the clutch arm to
ensure that when the clutch arm is moved toward the rear of the car that
the clutch does indeed disengage. You can check that by turning the prop
shaft with the gearbox in gear whilst the arm is moved back. Obviously at
least 1 wheel must be off the ground.
If the clutch does not release then the fault is within the clutch itself.
If the clutch does indeed release the fault is almost certainly with the
You will notice that it only takes about 3/4" of movement of the arm from
the the point where the release bearing first contacts the clutch cover
thrust plate until the clutch is fully released.
This 3/4"is the travel that the slave cylinder piston and therefore the
push rod must move to release the clutch.
This you can observe and in fact measure by having an assistant depress the
the clutch while you watch or measure the travel.
If there is insufficient travel either there is air in the system or the
wrong diameter cylinders are fitted.
One mistake that many people make is having the bleed screw on the bottom
rather than the top of the slave cylinder.
Another common problem is a clutch hose that has collapsed internally but
that usually manifests itself as a problem with slow clutch engagement.
Hope that helps.


On Sat, Jan 18, 2020, 8:04 PM Bruce Peters, <rv9aplane at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I purchased the replacement clutch slave cylinder from Moss for my 67 BJ8.
> The push rod appears to be too short to push far enough to disengage the
> clutch. The slave cylinder piston travels to its max but it seems there
> needs to be more travel to disengage the clutch. Have any of you had this
> issue? The car was missing the original slave cylinder so I can’t compare
> the rod length.
> Bruce
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