[Healeys] Does synthetic oil leak more?

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Bob-that was another place the synthetic comes out...thru the threads.
If you use anything, like pipe sealer or PTFE (teflon) just be careful
not to get any near the entrance to your overdrive. Overdrive oil must
be spotless due to the tiny drillings in the system. I was able to fix
my seeps elsewhere with Permatex "Right Stuff" but be careful again to
do a very neat job. I still recommend regular 30W non detergent
mineral oil (as does the factory book) to refill the trans and OD.
Some modern oils can foam in the overdrive and cause issues.
Even though the factory manual states not to use sealant around the
casing seal of the brake ring-that will leak with most synthetics and
also seep with regular oil. Had to" Right stuff" the casing seam post
rebuild to stop that seeping. Another place synthetic runs out is at
the bottom casing plug. I do not have too much experience using
silicone gaskets. I rebuilt with paper and aircraft sealer (old
school-but original). I expected leaks or else it wouldn't be
authentic British. Hank

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	My problem is leaking from the brass drain fitting in the bottom of
the overdrive. When I used motor oil eventually by tightening the
fitting, the drips would stop. With the synthetic oil the drips will
not stop. Over the summer, while the car was sitting in the garage,
there was a puddle in the plastic container I placed under the fitting
before leaving for cooler weather. I just tightened the fitting a
little more and the drips are reduced to 2 per day. Am thinking about
using a thread sealant on the fitting and RTV on the gaskets. Or, is
there a silicone gasket available? 

	Also, is a silicone gasket for the valve covers worth the expense to
stop leaking? Or, a combination of silicone gasket and Ultra Permatex?
I have aluminum alloy valve cover. 

	Bob Begani   

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	All of your observations are a factor. Here are some comments from an
article about synthetic oil leaks: 

	Synthetic oil WILL NOT cause leaks. It may however make already
worn-out gaskets/seals more evident, by leaking past them, and/or
cleaning any sludge and other gunk that was sealing the existing leak.
This is because Synthetic oil has much better cleaning properties,
flows much better than conventional oil, and hence also lubricates
much better than conventional oil (This is a good thing). 

	I use a GL-4 synthetic gear oil in my transmission and it leaks.
Believe it not not one of the leak mechanisms is from the interior
along the bolts and drips from the bolt head on the exterior. I am
changing the gaskets on my transmission and trying bonded sealing
neoprene washers on the fasteners. 

	I may be pursuing the impossible dream of a leak free Healey....


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	I am not a leak expert, but I find this hard to understand. For there
to be a leak there has to be a hole. Is it because the synthetic oil
molecules are smaller than the non-synthetic oil molecules? Given that
the "holes" come in different sizes this seems illogical. Is it
because the synthetic oil is more slippery? How is that measured? How
much more slippery is it?   

	Gary Hodson  

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 The biggest difference you will notice with synthetic gear oils is
they leak
 more than non-synthetic.       

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