[Healeys] Does synthetic oil leak more?

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Opps!, sorry I used a slang word. Should have said "thou". Best oil
channel for conventional oil is .0015"...not microns.
The synthetic oil leaks from the transmission and overdrive come from
seepage around the lockout switch, annular ring and any protruding
bolts that could seep around the threads. Conventional oil-due to its
larger molecule size can't sneak out as easily. I only used the
bearing clearance as a reference to the size of oil channels found in
older engines. Sorry to offend. Hank

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  What does bearing clearance have to do with oil leaks?  You must
have some very precise holes in your transmission that allows only
synthetic oil to escape. I am not buying that theory.   Gary 

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    Found this info by looking for the molecule size of synthetic oil.
Most conventional oil is about 2 microns and that is why we set our
bearing clearance at .002 to allow the oil to pass. Early machining
does not match what we have today with the close tolerances we can now
achieve...so the finer synthetic runs out. If I run Redline in my
Healey trans it ends up on the floor. Regular 30W stays in, and only
leaves a quarter size puddle. Used lots of good sealant but that wont
keep the new oils in if they are good soldiers:   "The main difference
between synthetic motor oil and conventional motor oil is found in
their molecular structure. In a mineral oil, the molecules come from
organic, natural materials, and as we know, nature isn't always
consistent. There can sometimes be a few oddball molecules in mineral
oils. Synthetic oils [1], on the other hand, were created by
scientists in a lab. The molecules are uniform, and they line up like
good soldiers inside of your engine."   See illustration attached-



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