[Healeys] Over heating and adding additional core tubes to the existing radiator

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Tue Jan 14 01:38:32 MST 2020

Check your temperature gauge first for accuracy and go from there. 212º 
F (100ºC) at normal speed cannot be right so I am pretty sure the 
temp.gauge overreads..

If the radiator is still the original one have a new core installed with 
max. capacity. You can never have to much. A competent radiator shop 
will know what to do. Cleaning out a radiator is not really a good option.

Does your fan operate via a thermo-switch or is it manually operated?

Does the fan turn the right way.

Is your thermostat the right spec in combination with the thermo-switch 
and working properly?

In principle the temperature should be within small limits of the 
opening temperature of the thermostat most of the time, e.g. if you have 
a 82ºC thermostat the temp. gauge should indicate something around 
82-85ºC, however in stop & go traffic it can rise until the 
thermo-switch lets the electric fan cut in which should be slightly less 
than 100ºC. The temperature should fall than to about 87-90ºC when the 
thermo-switch should cut out at about 5ºC over the opening temperature 
of the thermostat..

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 14-1-2020 om 00:36 schreef Robert Begani:
> Listeners:
> I have added a electric push fan to the radiator and a shovel or 
> deflector to direct the flow of the air to the engine. It works to 
> keep the coolant temperature at or below 212 degrees when driving down 
> the road at 2000 to 4000 rpms. However, the coolant temperature will 
> rise if you drive slower or stop and go. While I believe there is 
> nothing wrong with the radiator, I believe it needs more cooling 
> capacity.  How many more core or tubes can be installed in the 
> standard BJ8 radiator.  For those of you who have done this 
> modification, how much does it cost and does it work to reduce the 
> coolant temperature?  I would rather not install an aluminum radiator 
> because they do not seem to work or do not reduce the coolant temperature.
> Another modification I am considering is a manifold and header blanket 
> to keep the heat from the exhaust from boiling the fuel in the float 
> bowls. Have any of you found success with this modification?
> Bob Begani
> BJ8 67
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