[Healeys] Does synthetic oil leak more?

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
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I was leak free for the first 60 years ...

On 1/11/2020 9:23 AM, Ron Fine wrote:
> I was sure I was going to be the first one to have a leak free Healey 
> when I rebuilt my engine/transmission in 2004. It was leak free for 
> the first year or so, but, after that I have the usual drips.  I keep 
> a piece of cardboard under the car to keep track of the leaks.  I 
> assume that age and use just opens up the leaks over time.
> Ron Fine
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> Harold,
> It is possible to have a leak free Austin-Healey, once the oil has all 
> drained out!!!!!!!
> Jean
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> Hello,
> All of your observations are a factor. Here are some comments from an 
> article about synthetic oil leaks:
> Synthetic oil WILL NOT cause leaks. It may however make already 
> worn-out gaskets/seals more evident, by leaking past them, and/or 
> cleaning any sludge and other gunk that was sealing the existing leak. 
> This is because Synthetic oil has much better cleaning properties, 
> flows much better than conventional oil, and hence also lubricates 
> much better than conventional oil (This is a good thing).
> I use a GL-4 synthetic gear oil in my transmission and it leaks. 
> Believe it not not one of the leak mechanisms is from the interior 
> along the bolts and drips from the bolt head on the exterior. I am 
> changing the gaskets on my transmission and trying bonded sealing 
> neoprene washers on the fasteners.
> I may be pursuing the impossible dream of a leak free Healey.... Harold
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> *Subject:* Does synthetic oil leak more?
> I am not a leak expert, but I find this hard to understand. For there 
> to be a leak there has to be a hole. Is it because the synthetic oil 
> molecules are smaller than the non-synthetic oil molecules? Given that 
> the "holes" come in different sizes this seems illogical. Is it 
> because the synthetic oil is more slippery? How is that measured? How 
> much more slippery is it?
> Gary Hodson
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> The biggest difference you will notice with synthetic gear oils is 
> they leak
> more than non-synthetic.
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