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Listened to a bunch of BJ8’s over the years, both driving them and listening from the curb. The exhaust note at idle is one thing but at speed can be quite different. Driving across country cruising at 65 to 80 MPH (no admission of breaking the law) can be deafening.
Mild steel systems tend to sound a bit different then stainless. I’m partial to the mild steel for sound and stainless for durability. I suppose that the use of the car may dictate which type I would choose.  
On a related note, the intent of mufflers is to quiet the exhaust note and a resonator generally are used to rid the car of drone (resonance). With that in mind (let me know if assume incorrectly) the mufflers on a BJ8 would be under the left seat and resonators hung out back. They are there for a purpose. A six cylinder engine has its own interesting sound generating abilities. 
To the original question, the Moss system seems to be a good one. 

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My old system was two resonators under the driver's seat and pipes straight back out the left side. The old system was much too loud and had a nasty drone to it.

 The Moss Tourist Trophy system is quieter and sounds quite authentic to me.  It also bolted right up without a lot of fuss and muss.

- Tom

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