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Just three weeks back the BN3 was still on jack stands. It's been fitted with steel wheels from new and some months back I had them blasted and repainted, but no tyres. With the fires approaching I had to make a quick decision to fit tyres so the car could be moved.

The Healey Duncan is fitted with Hankook 185/80R15 tyres which are fine on that, but I think are too wide on the early Austin-Healeys so I fitted a set of 165/80R15 that fill out the wheel arch quite well. I had a choice of asymmetrical or symmetrical and went with the latter as it looks better and more period.

Hankook tyres are made in Korea and for the speed and distance our cars are doing these days they are just fine.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn

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I have wondered how many people drive with broken spokes and do not even realize it.  I have only had experience with a few broken spokes, one on my Healey and one on my TC (both rear wheels), and both were broken right where the spoke enters the hub, and were not easily noticed.  One really has to use the time-honoured method of tapping the spokes with a spanner or screwdriver to listen to the ring, or notice them during a tyre change.  It is quite possible the many healeys, especially those owned/driven by less mechanically-minded souls, are driving around with a broken spoke or two.  I'm no engineer, but I would not be surprised if this has little effect on the overall safety of the wheel for normal driving.  Does anyone know of a complete wheel  failure from normal driving?  I have seen only one.  When still an apprentice, an E-Type was towed into the shop and one rear wheel had most of its spokes sheared off at the hub (a 72 spoke chrome Dunlop).  No idea how it happened.  Cheers,  Mirek

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"A few broken spokes in 106,000 miles is pretty good, I think.  How many people besides you and me put that kind of mileage on their Healey now, Bob?  And some of those broken spokes were in the days before Allen Hendrix was truing and balancing my wheels.

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Hmmmmm.  To me 'a few broken spokes' and 'more than adequate' is a 
contradiction in terms.

On 1/4/2020 7:54 AM, Max Byers wrote:
> Bruce, here is my input:
> I do not know anything about Dunlop/Moss wheels.  I bought five 60-spoke 15x4.5 Dayton chrome wheels with stainless spokes from British Wire Wheel in 1991, and they are still on my BJ8 with 106,000 miles on them now.  I've had a few broken spokes over the years, but fortunately I am relatively close to Allen Hendrix.  He keeps them trued and balanced whenever I need replacement spokes or new tires.
> It is only my personal opinion and preference, but while 72 spoke wheels are stronger, they are also have a "busier" appearance.  My experience with the 60-spokers tells me that they are more than adequate.
> I have always used 165 x 15 tires, again personal preference.  As to which brand, I use whichever tire is available to Hendrix Wire Wheel.  At one point it was Kumhos, and I really liked those tires.  They were not available at my last tire change, so I currently have Nexens.  So far, with 5 years and 10,000 miles on them they are also proving to be a very good tire.
> Steve Byers
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> Hi all,
> I’m getting closer to having to buy wheels and tires for my ‘67 BJ8. When I say closer I mean a year or so but I like to plan ahead. My car will not be concours correct or be entered in any car judging at shows. It’ll be a driver that won’t see any track time of any sort. That being said I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on wheels and tires. I plan to put chrome wire wheels on. I don’t want Minilite’s. So, here are my questions:
> 1. Dunlop style(e.g. Moss) versus Dayton(e.g. Hendrix)?
> 2. Wheel size—15x4.5 60 spoke; 15x5 72 spoke; or 15x5.5 72 spoke?
> 3. Tire Brand?
> 4. Tire Size?
> I’m not a bargain basement shopper so I’m willing to pay for the best combinations that make sense. I realize there’s a lot of personal preference so I hope I’m not gonna start a war with these questions!
> Thanks everyone!
> Bruce

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