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It is a personal choice IMHO.   I have both chrome spokes and minilites.  Depending on mood and distance/road quality, I mount the appropriate wheels/tires.... If I'm going to be on cobblestones, or rough roads, I use the minilites, if I'm driving around town, I use the Chromes.... However one thing I NEVER do:  drive on 60 spoke wheels.   Modern tires grip the road too well, and the spokes get destroyed.  Use 72 spokes at least.   The ONLY time I'd select 60 spokes (and I have them too) would be if I had a concourse car and it was being shown/judged.   (I don't have a concourse car, I just have a set of original wheels...and the tires are way past their expiration date, I'd never drive around the block on them...lol.).... But, as I said at the outset: it is a personal choice (YMMV... :-)  )

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Hi all,
I’m getting closer to having to buy wheels and tires for my ‘67 BJ8. When I say closer I mean a year or so but I like to plan ahead. My car will not be concours correct or be entered in any car judging at shows. It’ll be a driver that won’t see any track time of any sort. That being said I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on wheels and tires. I plan to put chrome wire wheels on. I don’t want Minilite’s. So, here are my questions:

1. Dunlop style(e.g. Moss) versus Dayton(e.g. Hendrix)?
2. Wheel size—15x4.5 60 spoke; 15x5 72 spoke; or 15x5.5 72 spoke?
3. Tire Brand?
4. Tire Size?

I’m not a bargain basement shopper so I’m willing to pay for the best combinations that make sense. I realize there’s a lot of personal preference so I hope I’m not gonna start a war with these questions! 

Thanks everyone!

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