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OK, that makes sense.

On 1/1/2020 5:51 PM, WILLIAM B LAWRENCE wrote:
> If you look at their construction the rotary pumps have four lobes 
> that pump a large slug of oil for each cycle with each slug causing a 
> load on the drive train. The gear pump has multiples of the number of 
> lobes, but they are all smaller and so the load that each slug imposes 
> is less. The total mass of oil pumped during a revolution will be 
> approximately the same as a rotary and the total power needed to pump 
> that volume may be close to the same, but the average stress load will 
> be less due to the smaller slugs being supplied.
> Bill Lawrence
> BN1 #554
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> I'm gonna make a SWAG that racers routinely run at 6K RPM or more. I
> rarely go over 3,500 RPM in my BJ8, with 3.54 diff, and the 100s are
> known to break crankshafts if driven at 4K for long. Either the gear
> pumps run at reduced pressure at lower RPMs or the pulsed output of the
> vane-type is causing the problems.
> The DWM tech/sales people recommended the HC pump to me, and I asked
> about their suitability; hence my questions about the company.  From
> their glossy catalog:
> "We recommend the high capacity for all road engines using a standard
> type crank up to 6000 rpm and the standard pump for race engines, steel
> cranks or anything over 6000 rpm."
> On 1/1/2020 3:43 PM, richard mayor wrote:
> > We racers have known about the dangers of using the rotor style pumps
> > for decades. I personally know more than half a dozen racers who
> > destroyed their camshafts using high volume oil pumps back in the 90s
> > - including me. I lost two camshafts!  Jeff Johnk built a test bed,
> > did extensive testing of more than 50 hours on both style pumps, and
> > wrote an exhaustive article that appeared in the May, 1998, issue of
> > Chatter, entitled Pumped Up For Racing.
> > I suggest than anyone who is thinking about using a rotor style pump
> > read this article first.
> > Think about this for a minute. The rotor style pump caused problems in
> > the 2.6 liter 100/6 motors. Austin changed to a gear style pump a
> > month or so into the production of the 2.9 liter 3000 motors and the
> > problems went away. Why would anyone want to use a 100/6 oil pump?
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