[Healeys] Dust Cover Fit

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Wed Feb 26 11:36:16 MST 2020

I hate to keep bombing the list with what seems to be a problem daily, but looking for advice.  As a final assembly part of my front hubs the dust cover grease cap is supposed to be driven into the extended spline hub.  I have the correct cups for this(according to the Moss catalog), but I cannot get them to go inside the hub without great difficulty.  I measured them to find out why.  The outer diameter of the grease cup is .002 over two inches in diameter.  The inner diameter of the spline hub extension is 1.880 in diameter.  That's over 20 thou difference.  That is hardly an interference fit.  It will take a great effort to shove this into place and I am afraid if I do, it won't come back out.  How difficult should it be to push the grease cup into place?  I have also been given advice to just leave them out as the knock offs will cover the inside of the hubs.  That would probably be alright in the grand scheme of things, but just wondering what others have done when, and if they ran into this problem.Mike MacLean
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