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Those of you on the Spridget list probably already know about this, but Bob asked me to forward this to the big Healey list.  Bob is at a point in his life that he needs to make a tremendous downsize in the British car involvement and offers his collection of Healey and automotive books.  He also has a Bugeye, a square body in pieces, but mostly finished and a late model Miata for sale.  Bob is in Prescott, Arizona.  Knowing him the way I do, all items for sale will be in top notch condition.Mike MacLean

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Bob  Kitterer

1960 Austin Healey Sprite (Mk IV in disguise)
1966 Austin Healey Sprite Mk III (Trevor) - still in boxes
2013 Miata2017 Mazda CX9

Pay it forward.
Thanks Frank

I am selling the following list of Healey, Sprite, Midget books and general interest Automotive books.  The prices are the best current prices I could find on Amazon and e-Bay.  List members subtract 30%. Shipping is not included. If interested please e-mail me at bkitterer at me.com 
Healey, Sprite, Midget Books
Donald Healey, My World of Cars, by Peter Garnier with Brian Healey; forward by Carroll Shelby. Hardcover; 1989; ISBN 1852602120; $100
Essential Austin Healey 100 and 3000, by Mike Lawrence; 1994; Paperback; ISBN 1870979494; $50
Factory-Orignal Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000: The originality guide to six-cylinder Austin Healeys, 1956-1968 by Bill Piggott; 2014; Hardcover; ISBN 1906133573; $46
How to Modify Your Mini, by David Vizard; 1977; Paperback; ISBN 863430414; $110
How to Power Tune Midget and Sprite for Road and Track by Daniel Stapleton-autographed; 2000; Paperback; ISBN 1901295737; $50
MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration by Lindsay Porter; 1989; Hardcover; ISBN 854293361; $55
More Healeys: Frog Eyes, Sprites and Midgets by Geoffrey Healey; 1978; Hardcover; ISBN 085614049X; $80
Sprites and Midgets: The Complete Story by Anders Ditlev Clausager; 2004; Paperback; ISBN 1861266537; $20
The Big Healeys, a Collector’s Guide by Graham Robson; 1981; Hardcover; ISBN 900549556; $50
The Healey Book: A Complete History of the Healey Marque by Bill Emerson (autographed by Gerry Coker, Bill Emerson, John Sprinzel, John Wheatley, Bic Healey), 2002 1st edition, Hardcover; ISBN 1902351045; $200
The Healey Story: A Dynamic Father and Son Partnership and Their World-Beating Cars by Geofferey Healey, forward by Stirling Moss; 1997, Hardcover; ISBN 854299491; $54
Sprites and Midgets: A Collectors Guide by Eric Dymock; 1981; Hardcover; ISBN 090054953X; 2 copies; $5 each
Tuning BL’s A-Series Engines by David Vizard-autographed; 1985; Hardcover; ISBN 854294147; $40
Haynes Automotive Repair Manual, MG Midget, Austin Healey Sprite, 1958 thru 1980; 1988; Paperback; ISBN 85696588; $20
Other Auto Related Books
Heavenly Bodies, The Complete Pirelli Calendar Book; Jan 1975 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 517523507; $50
The Art of the Sports Car: The Greatest Designs of the 20th Century by Dennis Adler, forward by Jay Leno; Oct 2002, 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 60188855; $10
Automotive Atrocities - Cars We Love to Hate by Eric Peters;Jul 2004, 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 760317879; $5
The Age of Cars by Mike Twite; 1974; Hardcover; ISBN 600317595; $25
The Ultimate Classic Car Book by Quentin Wilson; 1995; Hardcover; IDBN 789401592; $30
50 years of Classic Cars: A Celebration of the World’s Greatest Motor Cars by Philip de ste Croix, editor Joathan Wood; 1996, Hardcover; ISBN 1858332524; $30
Miata, Mazda MX-5: Mazda’s Affordable Sports Car for the New Millennium by Jack K. Yamaguchi; 1998 1st edition; Hardcover; ISBN 1569705372; $45
Cars of the Fabulous ‘50s, A Decade of High Style and Good Times by James M. Flammang and the auto editors of Consumer Guide; 1995; Hardcover; ISBN 078530939X; $35
Technical Items
Austin Healey Guide to Historic Colors by Donald Pikovink;  Color sample, factory paint codes and ICI paint codes; $40
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