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Use a pickle fork ball joint separator to wedge the ball joint from turning
and get the nut started.  Gradually withdraw it as you continue to tighten
the nut.

Happy Healeying,
Rick Neville

On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 12:24 PM Michael MacLean <rrengineer.mike at att.net>

> I finally got to tighten up all the ball joints for the steering rods of
> my BN2 yesterday.  The right side went fine.  The left side rod was another
> matter.  I don't remember where I obtained the pair of side rods, but they
> must have been designed by an idiot.  These side rods have sealed ball
> joints and the nuts are the nylon insert type.  I was lucky with the right
> side when it tightened up correctly.  For some reason the left rod ball
> joints just spun with the nut and would not tighten.  After the threads
> turned with the nut a few times oil from the boots started leaking.  This
> is a permanently sealed boot held in place with a crimped metal ring.  So,
> instead of just replacing the boot, I have to replace a brand new side
> rod.  To make this an even more perfect disaster, the side rods from our
> usual suppliers are a different configuration.  The boots are replaceable
> and the nuts are the castle type with a split pin.  Of course this means I
> have to replace them as a pair doubling the cost.  Moss wants 80 bucks
> each.  Just love it when new parts turn out to be crap.  Rant over.
> Mike MacLean
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