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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Feb 19 09:38:26 MST 2020

I've noticed the thermal issue as well.   I attribute it to the pump's 
coil--essentially the pump's body and similar to a solenoid--getting 
heat-soaked and its impedance increasing so that not enough current 
flows through it to pull the diaphragm back.

Or, the pump just gets an attitude when it gets hot.

On 2/19/2020 8:06 AM, John Harper wrote:
> Steve
> I also encountered a SU electric pump no working when it became rather 
> hot. Not only due to its own heat but that coming to it from the 
> exhaust pipe on a very hot day. I have made a test rig on the same 
> basis as the 'official' version. I left this pump running at the full 
> flow rate for many hours but just as I was about to finish the test it 
> stopped. It was quite hot running at full rate for so long. but when 
> it cooled it ran fine.
> Eventually I discovered that when hot the throw over stopped working. 
> This led to the discovery that the diaphragm was too 'tight'. I then 
> found that later repair instruction called for more part turns before 
> replacing the base. In fact two extra clamping holes.
> I have to assume that the setting was right on the edge and when the 
> temperature rose the diaphragm became tighter. Since then the pump has 
> been refitted to my BN1 and works fine.
> Best regards
> On Wed, 19 Feb 2020 at 15:31, Max Byers <sbyers at ec.rr.com 
> <mailto:sbyers at ec.rr.com>> wrote:
>     Hello, Healeyphiles!
>     As part of the preparation for the cross-country drive to Lake
>     Tahoe for Open Roads 2002, I added a generic electric backup fuel
>     pump (P/N E8016S, from Autozone) to my BJ8 with a switch under the
>     dash that allows switching to either pump, or turning both off.  I
>     chose to plumb the backup pump into the system in series with the
>     SU because the installation was much simpler than doing it in
>     parallel.  That arrangement works perfectly well.  Either pump can
>     pump through the inactive pump.  All that was required was to cut
>     the hard fuel line from the SU to the carbs, which I had already
>     done anyway to install an in-line fuel filter there under the RH
>     rear seat.  To install the backup pump then only required removing
>     the filter, running new rubber fuel hoses to complete the system,
>     and reinstalling the filter.   Quick access to the pumps and the
>     filter is done by using chrome screws from above into anchor nuts
>     on the seat structure, rather than having to remove a wheel to
>     access the seat stud nuts.  I can remove the seat to have full
>     access to both pumps, the filter, the hoses, and the wiring (it
>     also makes checking and topping up the differential oil much
>     easier).  The backup pump is attached to the front wall of the
>     boot behind the rear axle.  It is quiet with only a slight hum,
>     and I can’t hear it with the engine running.
>     My usual practice is to run on the SU on an outbound leg of a
>     trip, then switch to the backup for the return.  Three times since
>     doing the modification, I have had occasion to switch to the
>     backup when the SU stumbled (in the middle of Atlanta traffic) and
>     twice when it failed to start the car. These “failures” were only
>     temporary because the SU performed just fine when switched back
>     later.  I have since rebuilt the SU. After Conclave in Deadwood, I
>     joined the group touring the northern states, and decided to split
>     off from them and make a 160-mile detour alone over into Montana
>     just to check that state off my list.  The weather that day was
>     rainy and chilly.  Just as I got into Montana on an isolated
>     country road, I felt the car suddenly failing to respond to the
>     accelerator.  As soon as I figured out what was happening, I
>     switched to the SU and kept motoring.  I was able to find another
>     identical generic pump at Autozone in Minot, ND the next morning
>     and had it installed in about 15 minutes.  I used it to get back
>     to North Carolina. Easy peasy…. I was so glad not to have to rely
>     on having to install a spare carried in the boot, on the side of
>     the road, in the rain or in the dark.
>     Steve Byers
>     HBJ8L/36666
>     BJ8 Registry
>     AHCA Delegate at Large
>     Havelock, NC  USA

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