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Hello, Healeyphiles!


As part of the preparation for the cross-country drive to Lake Tahoe for Open Roads 2002, I added a generic electric backup fuel pump (P/N E8016S, from Autozone) to my BJ8 with a switch under the dash that allows switching to either pump, or turning both off.  I chose to plumb the backup pump into the system in series with the SU because the installation was much simpler than doing it in parallel.  That arrangement works perfectly well.  Either pump can pump through the inactive pump.  All that was required was to cut the hard fuel line from the SU to the carbs, which I had already done anyway to install an in-line fuel filter there under the RH rear seat.  To install the backup pump then only required removing the filter, running new rubber fuel hoses to complete the system, and reinstalling the filter.   Quick access to the pumps and the filter is done by using chrome screws from above into anchor nuts on the seat structure, rather than having to remove a wheel to access the seat stud nuts.  I can remove the seat to have full access to both pumps, the filter, the hoses, and the wiring (it also makes checking and topping up the differential oil much easier).  The backup pump is attached to the front wall of the boot behind the rear axle.  It is quiet with only a slight hum, and I can’t hear it with the engine running.


My usual practice is to run on the SU on an outbound leg of a trip, then switch to the backup for the return.  Three times since doing the modification, I have had occasion to switch to the backup when the SU stumbled (in the middle of Atlanta traffic) and twice when it failed to start the car.  These “failures” were only temporary because the SU performed just fine when switched back later.  I have since rebuilt the SU.  After Conclave in Deadwood, I joined the group touring the northern states, and decided to split off from them and make a 160-mile detour alone over into Montana just to check that state off my list.  The weather that day was rainy and chilly.  Just as I got into Montana on an isolated country road, I felt the car suddenly failing to respond to the accelerator.  As soon as I figured out what was happening, I switched to the SU and kept motoring.  I was able to find another identical generic pump at Autozone in Minot, ND the next morning and had it installed in about 15 minutes.  I used it to get back to North Carolina.  Easy peasy…. I was so glad not to have to rely on having to install a spare carried in the boot, on the side of the road, in the rain or in the dark.


Steve Byers


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Why do so many people replace an original SU pump that has lasted decades with an aftermarket pump that requires modifying the fuel lines, adding additional fittings, clamps & altering the mounting brackets (all additional sources of failures), vibrates continuously, etc, when it would be so much easier & more original to simply replace it with a new highly reliable SU fuel pump? If you are concerned about being stranded at the side of the road, carry a spare SU or even better install it in parallel & wire up a selector switch so you can switch between the two pumps.  

Gary Hodson 

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Ira Erbs
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